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Skip Beat! Vol.29 [Japanese Edition] (Sukippu Biito!) - Yoshiki Nakamura I have actually first watched the anime first (about four years ago) before reading finally it this year. We all are aware that the anime series and the manga have different pacing and there will be a little tweak here and there when it's finally in its anime form and there will always be this kind of cliffhanger especially if it's still an ongoing manga (which is evident in this case). I liked the heroine, Kyoko--all the things that she went through for the man she thought she loves and loved him back went down to the drain: the pain, loss and sense of revenge to get even with the guy. I liked her fierceness...although she's bitter, heck, her bitterness is actually hilarious but pitiful as well. It was fine...but I guess the thing that I have issues with mangas is its slow pacing. Still, I will read it...although not really religiously just like before. When the mood strikes me, I guess. My review is crap, I know.:D