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French Kiss - Sarra Manning 3.5 stars.

Aaaah. Teenage love and all that sha-la-la's. The giddy feeling of first love, the devastating acknowledgement of the unrequited feelings and mooning over someone so out of your league, or so you thought. I enjoyed reading this and I am on that light romance mood sans too much dramatics of being broken and angst... although the petty teenage angst is present, I really liked it. I got tired of too much dramatics, I put a lot of novels on hiatus, I'm actually half way the story then decided to read something light and this, this is just the right story to read.

Since the author disclosed that it was a magazine story, it reminded me of Candy's (a teen magazine here in the Philippines) Katie's diary which I have loved, by the way, to the point that I purchased back issues just to read the previous stories I haven't read yet before the September 05 issue...and read some of it in the Candy website. I am that obsessed with the story back then. Heh. So, anyway...I am looking forward with Manning's next diary entries. I actually loved Manning's You Don't Have to Say You Love Me because I really liked and sort of relate with the characters she makes--the awkwardness, insecurities, sassy mouth snd all that. Yep. Right book at the right mood and time.