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Perfect Regret (Bad Rep 2) - A. Meredith Walters 4 stars.

I can't freakin' remember the details from the first book but from what I remember, I liked it. Come to think of it, I think I swore to have some serious review for it but never came up with one. So much for promises and la-la-la's eh?

Now. I liked it too...but I might have liked the first more...and I might have liked this more if the sizzling down part never came--if I never became annoyed and frustrated with the heroine. I actually liked her character, she's like the girl I want to be when I grow up or to be best friends with because I love her personality. HAH...but not her fucked up decisions, well, some decisions. And the hero? I liked him too. He have the personality I actually want from a guy, well, not really...he might be downright cruel and harsh when hurt, but damn, he's so damn sensitive, a good guy with an edge and a musician to top it off. I would want to be someone's inspiration for a song...well, not really, if it's good, sign me up for being a muse...my heart might not take it if it's negative. HEH. LOLWUT? The girl was just fucked up though. I get where her indecision and wariness comes from but If someone betrays you once, it's their fault. If they betrays you twice, it's your fault. if it's the third time, that's stupidity and batshit crazy. The guy must have been crazy. And I don't make sense now. HAH. The first part were entertaining, I loved the heroine's monologue and her feistiness. The middle part was kinda annoying, I'm reading in the crack of dawn wanting to bitch slap the heroine and I'm like, just kiss and make up already! Damn these holier than thou acts, gurllll. Just stop it already and make out! The latter part was actually sweet but I seen it as a little anticlimactic...maybe I wanted more drama, I think? I have expected more...but didn't got what I wanted and got disappointed. That's the thing with letting your hopes high. I should've known better. HAH.

Looking forward for her next books though. :D