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Unbroken - Melody Grace 3 stars.

Aside from friends-turned-to-lovers themed stories, I'm a sucker for past loves and second chances and ya-di-da's...and this novel has that kind of story.

And here is the part where I say, but...

I don't like the hero. His decision of letting go of the heroine is not considered, for me, as an act of selflessness and love...rather, it's stupidity. I'm not that satisfied on how it went out. I didn't appreciate the decisions made years before and the reason behind it. I guess, the redeeming quality for me is that I felt that heart pinching drama of heart aches and indecisiveness. I was actually teary-eyed. It would have been too good...if not for that reason. This novel kinda reminded me of the summer I turned pretty series, minus the love triangle between two brothers and a girl, the warmth of family love and friendship. The sickness is there but yep, cold and rigid family relationship present...and oh, a beach house.

I'm still giving this series a chance. I'm actually looking forward to that story between the heroine's best friend and her ex-boyfriend. I have a feeling there's something brewing between them, well, with the girl's side anyway...if it will be made. Heh. :)