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Crazy For You - Jennifer Crusie 2.5 stars

Let's just say I was craving for an unrequited-feeling-friends-to-lovers theme and I stumbled upon this book when I read one of the reviews for Sarah Mayberry's [b:Her Best Friend|7557790|Her Best Friend|Sarah Mayberry|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1298314573s/7557790.jpg|9868180] and that the person recommended this. So. Yeah.

I have only read one novel from Jennifer Crusie, I think I might actually and probably liked it, well, according to the stars that I've given...but, honestly? I can't actually remember the story now and I thought, why not change that and read another book from her this time?That's what I did. And this is what I got--I got confused with the characters. Well, I think my comprehension didn't actually sucked but, y'know? The flow of the story is a little bit confusing. I was reading that scene and to my surprise the next paragraph will be on a different perspective. HUH. Just like what I have said earlier, I actually forgot the plot of the first novel that I have read from her (which is [b:Bet Me|854757|Bet Me|Jennifer Crusie|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1316129534s/854757.jpg|1616066], by the way) but from what I remember (and correct me if I'm wrong...and, the heck, this is my opinion/review anway...so.), her style is like a star-studded movie in which it has different subplots but the characters are connected. Those kinds of films are usually a hit or miss kind of thing to me and reading it in that kind of, um, plot...it's a miss for me. Although, I think the redeeming quality, I guess for me is that kind of longing the heroine's are experiencing. Although I haven't connected with them really (and I was a little bit sleepy while I was reading this...so, I guess that's one of the contributing factors why I was a little bit confused), I guess I really have and will always have that soft spot with unrequited feelings, longing from a-far and ya-di-da's.

I'll still give Crusie a chance...who knows, I might probably like the next ones. :D