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Haggard. Twisted. Awkward. Weird? Bubbly. Hungry. Sleepy. I am a 20 year old something Registered Nurse, but ‘something’ by heart. I don’t know that ‘something’ yet, I’m still soul-searching, you know? I'm a master of none, I march to the beat of a different drummer and have the ability to laugh at most any situation.

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Take This Regret (Take This Regret, #1) - A.L. Jackson,  Amy Lichtenhan 3 stars.

It started out as fine with me--I'm actually on that kind of mood for melodramatics and sha-la-la's and the prolougue actually made me excited because I picked the perfect--I think from what I have predicted on what might probably happen--book for the mood I'm in...but then came the middle part and I'm like bored to hell and I was like, just kiss and make up, will you? It got a little bit annoying. While I have to admit that the story was very close to home and was full of drama, and, well, let's just say I got teary eyed a bit especially on the latter part of the story (although I was also a bit annoyed at the same time and was just reading it for the sake of finishing it) it's just, I dunno, it's sort of cliché at its finest. Huh. I might or might not read the prequel and the sequel. Heh. :)