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Frigid - J. Lynn,  Jennifer L. Armentrout 3 stars.

I have mentioned this before and I will say it again--I'm a sucker of friends to lovers theme. The issues of being 'friend-zoned', unrequited love and fear of having a broken friendship or a weird one once the feelings were told when in fact they're in the same page--I love the drama that associates with that and I wonder why I haven't actually really liked it this time. It's fine, meh, okay. It's like I've read this somewhere but with different name of characters, venue, set of issues and la-la-la's.

Jennifer L. Armentrout or J. Lynn (for her contemporary romance genre) has always been an auto 'to read' for me ever since 'obsidian'. She's part of ny favorite author list due to the fact that I love her wittiness in writing her characters, the banters between them and how she use the contemporary internet slangs and memes that I always find funny everytime I read a part of her story that has one and the amusing 'sweet baby jesus' lines that has always been evident on her stories. That's why the ones that I've read from her, mostly, has always been in between 4 to supermegafoxyawesomehot 5 stars...but this and the one that I've last read from her before this? It's just, fine, okay, ugh-huh. And oh, some of her contemporary's as well. And everytime I rate a story from her that didn't have the usual stars I rate, it felt like a betrayal of some sort. I don't know if it's just me or it's one of those moments of reading a book at the wrong time and mood. Still, I'm looking forward to her next novels. :)