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Haggard. Twisted. Awkward. Weird? Bubbly. Hungry. Sleepy. I am a 20 year old something Registered Nurse, but ‘something’ by heart. I don’t know that ‘something’ yet, I’m still soul-searching, you know? I'm a master of none, I march to the beat of a different drummer and have the ability to laugh at most any situation.

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Scott Westerfeld
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The Au Pairs
Melissa de la Cruz
An Abundance of Katherines
John Green
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The Last Boyfriend - J.S. Cooper 2 stars

Mother. Freaking. Heck.

Damn you, Lucky! You're a freakin' fool. Shame on you, Zane...I so want to punch you and feel the wrath that emanates within me while I was reading all the whining you have about not falling in love and all that crap! Gaaaahd. This actually started as fine with me...but then the middle and especially the last part came...and BOOM. Major eye rolling and what-the-fvck-did-I-just-read? moments that left me frustrated...but still decided to finish it since I only have a few pages left even I so want to end it right there, whereever page I have been when I sort of want to declare wars with the hero...grrr. I might probably read the next one...maybe not now. I still want to give this novella series another chance. Grrr. I guess I'm a little effed up and a little masochist, eh?