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Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout 3 stars.

Freak. Freakity. Freak. Now I feel like betraying Jennifer L. Armentrout for not liking Obsession as much as I have liked the Lux series. But I have to clarify that JLA is one of my favorite authors so even though I haven't liked this as much, I will still read her upcoming novels (especially the lux series) and I am one of those people who got excited by the notion that there will be an Arum centered story and I can finally read what would be their perspective is...but after reading this? They were just fine and tolerable...and yes, Hunter is indeed a badass mofo...but, eh, too alpha for my taste (not much fan of alpha male types). Guess I have read it at a wrong time where I got a little tired from alpha male types, maybe I have to blame myself from reading stories that had that kind of hero, back to back..
that I haven't actually finished yet. What I have appreciated with it, I guess, I have at least gained another detail from this novel that might be important for the next book of the lux series once it is out.