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Code Red - Amy Noelle 4 stars.

This is such a fine, fun, light and sweet story to read (yep, and that's in sort of alphabetical order) although there are some petty dramatics going on in the story, I actually have to admit that it's one of those drama that I appreciate and I might or might not get tired of reading--it still all depends on the level of drama pettiness and this is on the middle, just right...so, it's fine.

Nicole Magette, a manual-how-to-use-your-vacuum-or-microwave-the-easy-way-technical writer have been hurt and burned before--while in still in college, she was dating one of the hottest guy in campus and she doesn't have any idea that she wasn't the only angel in his life. This left a mark on her and decided not to feel that kind of hurt and rejection, so she put up with a solution to this along with her friends that will help dodging guys especially ones that they might be attracted with and they don't want anything to do with them: The Code Red. Basically this 'code' is a support system thingy for the guys that they will encounter... who’s dangerous, one who could tempt us and make us forget what jerks they are, we call in the others for reinforcement, who will come running and make sure we don’t give in to temptation(so, I don't really have to explain this, really. Hah.)

It's been seven years since the code red was invented and Nicole's clique, aside from her and Jen were all married. Although things were slightly different and the three married girls--Ashley, Kim and Mandy (they have their share of code reds in the past...their last 'codes' became their husbands now)--wants to see the two remaining single friends to be settled, they still remained friends. (Trust me, I don't even know why I have to include this, seriously. Dafaq?). Nicole being the inventor of the code and all that crap finally met her match--enter Mr. Ridiculously hot Josh Daniels a sales (I can't really remember his position, blame my brain) who will work with Nicole with their biggest project yet in their company for almost three months...will Nicole finally get it on with Josh or will the Code Red will be on? (Seriously, I'm just being lazy getting the details...forgive me.)

I have mentioned that I actually appreciate this kind of drama and I actually adore the 'support-system' girls...I have LOL moments with their banters and I liked their bond. I liked how the romance were unfold and how it isn't hard on the eyes to read...um, if you know what I mean. It isn't that frustrating and the drama, although a little petty, is still just right. So. Yeah. Um. I'll stop right here. Heh. :)