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Haggard. Twisted. Awkward. Weird? Bubbly. Hungry. Sleepy. I am a 20 year old something Registered Nurse, but ‘something’ by heart. I don’t know that ‘something’ yet, I’m still soul-searching, you know? I'm a master of none, I march to the beat of a different drummer and have the ability to laugh at most any situation.

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Sweet Peril - Wendy Higgins 5 freakin' ★★★★★!!

Sweet baby Jesus...here I thought I'll be perpetually angry with Kaidan for the whole length of the story, oh boy, thank you for redeeming your freaking self on the mid-ish to the latter part of the story!! Goodness. I was rooting for Kope because of YOUR cruelty!! How can you be so cruel?? but that question was answered, by the way. Ugh. But I have a confession to make--the first book is a little fuzzy to me now, I remember bits from it...but not its entirety even the important ones, I guess, I have to reread the first book again. Blame my brain for not holding on and paying much attention...I just remembered that I loved the first book.