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will freakin' get back on this to make a review.

freakin' hell, I can't even remember the details anymore. There's bit and pieces here and there...but, damn, why do I have to be ssoooooo forgetful? All I remember is: There's a 22 year old girl who's still a virgin Is it really a crime if you're still a virgin at that age? I mean...COME ON. and her bestfriend wants her to go out and have some fun and action in bed. They went to a bar, she met a good-looking-reading-shakespeare-of-all-places-a-freakin'-bar lad and when he spoke, he have a freakin' british accent. They hit off and just when they're about to woo-hoo the girl freaked out, tried to get out of the situation by inventing lame excuses and swore she will never see him again. The girl is a drama major and a senior and just her luck though, her teacher is none other than the british boy himself.

While I have confessed before (and I can't remember what review is that) that I have a thing with people who have accent, especially a bloody english-british accent, I get totally swooned just by it. But come to think of it...why did this time it didn't happen? Because I think the hero was a little bit off with me? I haven't connected with him. Although I liked the heroine, I have laugh-out-loud moments with her...it's just, she's a little bit annoying and if I have to make a choice, I'll choose the bestfriend instead. HEH. Although his story would be the one that I am seriously looking forward to. And at least, she never lead her bestfriend on. GOOD FOR HER.

What I have appreciated with the story--they freakin' waited. They didn't jumped on their bones immediately and they freakin' waited. I liked that the author made it clear how meaningful and important the v-card thingy is and it's not something that should be given right away to someone undeserving and you didn't even know. For that, CLAP, CLAP.

Although this was just a fine read by me, I am looking forward for the guy bestfriend's story this time. Maybe by then, I might definitely really like it. :)