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Suddenly Royal - Nichole Chase 4 stars.

review to be written soon. I swear, I'll type a serious (HEH. Wishful thinking.) review. I'm a bit distracted as of the moment...so, I can't.

This book reminded me of The princess diaries and Prince and Me and I loved the movies (I haven't read TPD yet, but I'm meaning to ever since I've learned that it was actually a book when I was still in high school).

Sam, the heroine, an American Post-Grad girl thoughts she was an average girl. She never knew her ancestry. One day, someone informed her that she was actually royal and boom, the story begins. I have mentioned this before that I'm a crappy story teller but this is my way of remembering things. But of course, there should be a prince present because every royalty needs their prince (I was about to use 'girl' but for some reasons, since I want to stay ON topic...I should ramble. YES. I suck with making PUN of words. Heh.) and that's where Prince Alex enters, or rather, His Royal Highness Alexander Patrick Fitzwilliam, the Duke of D’Lynsal and heir to the crown of Lilaria. When the heroine learned that she was a Duchess, I actually pictured Anne Hathaway's scene in TPD.

As a kid especially if you're a girl (or a girl at heart) we (yes, I'm including myself) all (well, maybe not all all) have that dream of being a princess...that some prince will eventually swept off our feet, rescue us from that freakin' tower, will give us our true love's kiss that will end with bird chirpings, squirell dancing and other kinds of animals dancing AND obviously, I've been watching too much disney as a child, so yep, I am getting off topic right now, well, a little.

What I really liked about the story, and I have to agree with the review that I have read for this and I will use her words, "Best part about this book?


I was nervous the whole time I was reading it because I thought there was no way in hell I’d be able to make it through a contemporary, fairy tale-ish romance without some stupid misunderstandings on the part of the main characters or at least some self destructive behavior. I’m here to tell you, worry not! Neither of the characters are emotionally crippled, neither are crazy jealous, neither need constant reassurance from the other…they just…I mean. GAH!"

Yep. DITTO. That's all folks! :)