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Haggard. Twisted. Awkward. Weird? Bubbly. Hungry. Sleepy. I am a 20 year old something Registered Nurse, but ‘something’ by heart. I don’t know that ‘something’ yet, I’m still soul-searching, you know? I'm a master of none, I march to the beat of a different drummer and have the ability to laugh at most any situation.

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Rocked Under (Rocked, #1) - Cora Hawkes freakin' hell. This thing turned out, for me, annoying than entertaining and swoon worthy story. The beginning was actually fine, although I'm not much a fan of a bad-boy-alpha-male types (and lately, the stories I've been reading has that type of hero. Geez) but yep, I have this little excitement within me but I have my predictions...but, boy oh boy, I never saw that coming--IT. BECAME. BLOODY. ANNOYING. I'm on the verge of not finishing it but I decided to finish the story because I haven't finished a novel for this week, yet (when in the past, I have my one day, at least one story/book policy implemented to my freaking self) and aside from that, the typo and grammar errors...it's sort of getting in my nerves, but still decided to finish it still. I'm not an expert nor a grammar nazi of some sort, but it's just, you know? yes, those things are inevitable, but...ugh.

hmmm. so. yeah. it's a 2 stars.