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Taking Chances (Taking Chances, #1) - Molly McAdams Okay, seriously, what the heck did I just read? While reading this, I actually felt like I’m on a rollercoaster ride and enjoyed the first few enthralling seconds of it...but, instead of actually enjoying the rest of the ride, it just pissed me off with various reasons:

1. I couldn’t condone cheating—well, except for some quizzes. I had my few shares of those...or maybe more. HAHAHA)— in relationships. Reading stories that have this kind of theme makes me uncomfortable, just what [b:Thoughtless|13517535|Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1)|S.C. Stephens|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1331254339s/13517535.jpg|14321512] did to me...although, for some reasons, I really liked thoughtless...but meh, this? UGH.

2. On the latter part of the story, I was annoyed on almost everyone in the story but continued reading because I only have few pages left. Don’t get me wrong—I actually liked Brandon, I guess I’m one of those girls who will always root for the good guy (although he still have the touch of being a bad boy himself...which actually reminded me of [b:Beautiful Disaster|11505797|Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1)|Jamie McGuire|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1358259032s/11505797.jpg|16441531]), but, geez, he became too good to be true. Yeah, yeah, it’s fiction. Yeah. Yeah. And, I guess I’m not much of a Harper’s fan...sort your effin’ priorities out, girl! And your grieving time—after two freaking months after your baby daddy died you’re moving on to your first beau after claiming you will love the baby daddy forever...BULL. SHIT. I hate hypocrites like that. Her new found family also, gosh, what the hell was with them? But, I have to admit, I’m not much of a Chase fan, too, well, a little...but what happened to him is just so sad and isn’t fair...knowing he died with a knowledge (eh?) that this Harper girl cannot trust him anymore because someone took pictures of him which looked like they’re about to have woo-hoo, when girly should know that she’s surrounded with envious, jealous bitches because the “love” of her life is H.O.T...She should’ve known that it’s just a plot for them to be apart, since she had this kind of scenario months back when she’s still with the first guy, but, meh. UGH.

3. Okay, I know this may be a little touchy subject, but, it isn’t realistic. Yeah, yeah. I know it is fiction. Yeah. Yeah. But, for me the whole story is too Mary-Sue. Yes, I loved happy endings and all that crap, but starting a family and having kids at a young age is not easy...which in this story, it depicts how easy it is to have one. It was sugar coated. Yes, in this story, they have great support system...but come on? TEENAGE PREGNANCY, seriously? SERIOUSLY? I have seen how hard it is—I have friends, classmates, batch mates who sort of regretted what happened because of their raging hormones and ya-di-da, which somehow their sort-of-childhood was taken away from them because they have to take care of their own child themselves instead of finishing their studies without worrying for their own brood. Yes, life doesn’t always go as planned, does it? But. Gah. I have to repeat this—TEENAGE PREGNANCY? Teenagers and their raging hormones. What’s up with young people marrying at that age these days? UGH.

A few things I liked in the story

1. I have liked the first few pages of the story, although I was uncomfortable, and yes, was rooting for the good guy (I knew he will be chosen in the end!) but, somewhere along the first to mid part of the story, I was thinking on how the heroine’s conflicting thoughts and feelings can be fixed...by actually thinking someone will actually die, And someone actually did...But I never actually saw it coming who will be killed off. Although I kinda saw it coming but not, too. Did I made any sense? Not that I like characters are being killed in stories...but I was just sort of pleased that I have predicted someone will, well, sort of.

2. What Brandon did was just sooooo. *Le Sigh* It reminded me of Ethan in [b:Something Blue|42155|Something Blue|Emily Giffin|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1316638724s/42155.jpg|1470371] on how he supported Darcy's pregnancy. Even he wasn't the father. Still, he’s too good to be true. Here I thought he’ll end up being the “The one that got away,” but, yep, he snagged the girl in the end. But still, he’s Gary Stu. And she’s still Mary Sue.

Yeah, yeah. I was supposed to rate this a one, YES, ONE! But because of what I have predicted, I’ll give it a 2stars!