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12 Steps to Quitting AJ - Faye Ilogon I bought this yesterday at National Bookstore, being sold half its original prize...and I'm in one of those moments when I buy books (and other stuff) impulsively and regret it after, you know?

So. I'm being kinda generous as of the moment, so I'll rate it with a 2.5 stars because there are parts in the story that made me laugh, and I have to admit that I can really count with my two hands the pinoy chick-lit books that I have read, so, even the story line is sort of clichéd, I have appreciated how it was uniquely presented. Supposedly, I'm planning on rating it with a three stars, 'till I'm reading the last two pages of the book. WHAT KIND OF A GOOD MAN WILL DO THAT TO THE ONE HE CLAIMED TO LOVE? That's foul, low and not to mention, oh not so cool! That's trickery, you fucker! Excuse me for my french. But, yes, I just said that. God, what an asshole. so, yep, that's my reason why. But, the secondary characters are funny, I wished there's more of Martin moments in the book. Or, better yet, a book for him. I will gladly read it.