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While It Lasts (Sea Breeze, #3) - Abbi Glines OH. MY. GOD. This series is getting hotter and deeper and getting a lot more intense! WOW.

The first time I've met Cage in Because of Low, I knew he is the typical jock. Three words--play, booze and girls. But, I knew, of course, he have a softie side because we've seen how he treated Low and what kind of friendship that they have. But then came the DUI and so as an act of retribution and if he so want to have a scholarship to their local junior college by being on a baseball team, he was sent to a farm for the whole summer...as demanded by their coach. There, he met Eva, the daughter of the farm owner and niece of the baseball coach...Of course, you have an idea what will happen.

Eva have loved and lost--it's been a year and a half since her fiance, first boyfriend died while serving in the army and she knew she will never move on from him. So when she met Cage, she knew he is bad news so she instantly ignored him, although Cage is one of those people who are hard to resist...and that's what happened, but she remained guarded and cautious, but then, Cage knew that Eva is different, he might be a playboy, but, finally, someone snagged his heart. The Girl is kinda confused on what she's feeling to the boy, is she really moving on? The boy is restraining his self, he knew she have the power to break him. Someone told the girl that his playboy self will always be there and she might end up being one of those girls he have for a night, so, she distanced her self. The boy interpreted this as a rejection, that she will never, ever, feel the same way for him and ya-da-di-da.

Of all the Abbi Glines story that I've read, so far, this is the most steamy and intense story that I have ever read from her. It's getting more mature and more emotional than the last. I've been wanting to read this kind of story lately, a character who have someone so dear to them who died and how they'll deal with it after, and how that someone open their heart once again...and whew, I'm glad that I've read this one. It's a 4.75stars for me. :)