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The Vincent Brothers (The Vincent Boys, #2) - Abbi Glines 4.75 stars for making me cry, sigh, laugh and damn, I've liked this more than the first one, yes, I have somewhat related to it more. I have to admit that this the kind of story I will never get tired of reading...even it's familiar and somewhat predictable, but, yep, I really, really, really liked it.

As for the main characters, I have really connected with Lana. In some ways, I have found myself relating to her more so I cried along with her pain, smiled with her happiness...but then, there's Sawyer. I have said this in my The Vincent Boys review that I liked Beau more than Sawyer considering that I have said that I will always choose a good guy any time of the day...but, nope. Not him. At the beginning of the story, I didn't really liked him, then came the middle part and I so want to bitch slap him and cheer Lana on and tell her that she's better off without him, but, bleh, they still made up in the end, so, instead of loathing over Sawyer, he became somewhat bearable, because he was hurting too, and what's not to love with Happy Ever Afters, eh? But I can still say that I am not a fan. But, there's really the good guy in the story, Ethan...and if ever he will have a story, I will gladly read it. Seriously, why can't good guys have that attention the bad boys have? They're really not boring. UGH. But, um, well, there's Sawyer, he was supposed to be the good guy in the story, but in my mind, he was a dick, a jerk, and all kinds of names associated with someone who lead someone on and use someone to get back to someone and somewhat leave her and all that sort of crap. I'm really not that affected, am I? HAHAHA. I may not be a part of his, um, fan girls, and I so want to make it hard for him if I was in Lana's shoes...but, hey, just what I have said, What's not to love with Happy Ever Afters, eh? Hahaha. I so want to read more of Abbi Glines. I want that kind of fast paced stories these days. :)