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The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys, #1) - Abbi Glines If you want to read a fast paced YA lit romance that will not make you cringe with oh-so-uber mushiness and giddiness and might even put a smile on your face while reading it although there's still the heart wrenching moments (I mean, c'mon, that will always be part of every YA lit, especially in the romance department)...this might be the one for you. And I sure did enjoyed reading this one and I'm rating it with 4.5 stars. :)

Now, although this is more light and do not have a heavy drama thing going on, um, I guess, not so, it kinda reminded me of S.C. Stephens' 'Thoughtless' and I will not say that they have the same plot...although there's a little similarities, but I'm leaving it with the word 'little'. You know, with the boyfriend went away and the best friend is there to somewhat console the girlfriend when something tragic happened...but the difference is: they're childhood best friends, from the start they really loved each other but never acted on it...so the girl end up with the wrong guy. I have to admit that I will always choose the good boy over the bad boy. I don't know what's the fuss with the bad boys and their brooding persona, with or without the touch of black stuff in their bodies and what's not to like with the good guy? Bad boys are pretty complicated to be with. But this story is somewhat different. I'm not quite fond with the good boy Sawyer Vincent but I was swooned and drawn with the bad boy Beau Vincent. Call me contradicting, but I connected with Beau, considering the story has an alternating POV with Ash, but, yes, I have connected with him. With all that hidden affection and that so called unrequited feelings (when in reality, it's very much requited) and I-love-my-best-friend-so-much-I-don't-wanna-lose-her/him, yep, I cheered with him. I have a soft spot on that issue. Although I have said before that I don't like cheating, especially on a relationship...I don't know why reading this didn't made me uncomfortable (compared to 'Thoughtless') considering that what Ash and Beau did was indeed cheating...they both have their respective partners and they cheated on them. maybe because of the alternating POV's and I knew what's happening, why they did that and blah-blah-blah? Maybe.

I'm looking forward for the next book, 'The Vincent Brothers'. It's time for Sawyer's story...and who knows, I might connect with him this time.