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Rock Hard - Olivia Cunning I actually started reading Backstage Pass but right at the middle of the story, Brian is kinda getting in my nerves and I have a thing with second chances, so, I stopped reading the first one, halfway...then started reading this and finished it until the end. But I still have plans on reading the first one...it just so happened that I finished the second book in the series first.

I don't know what's up with me and I'm reading more of the erotica-romance genre these days...and waddup with that? The story was just actually okay with me, although, yes, there are scenes that are explicitly-sizzling-not-for-the-kids-hot and in every chapter, you'll actually read that one...but for some reasons, I don't know, I haven't connected with them. While I was reading this, it felt like they were just passing through and one of these days, I will eventually forget their story. It's a 2.5 stars for me. The wedding proposal was cute...although I prefer Brian and Trey's plan rather that Eric and Jace's plan. And, I would've been contented with the story if the sexual harassment case for Jessica's dean of Law School was included and I do want to read some sort of disciplinary action for Jessica's professor. What they did is just so not fair. Maybe, it will be included in the next book? Hmm. Probably. I still have to finish the first one though. Haha. :)