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Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James I was kinda reluctant to read this one because I've read somewhere that it's a twilight fan fic, and for some reasons I have, um, well, I guess disdain is a strong word, and it's not the word I'm looking for, well, I have built this, erm, unlike to the series...so anything related to them is PSSSSSH to me...but it got my curiosity because there's a love and hate thing going on with those who read this and rated into extremes--5 stars and 1 star, and even said that it's not actually a TL fan fic, although at first, it was named after Edward and Bella...so yeah...I have decided to read this one and make my judgment after.

It's a 2.5 stars for me...and I have to agree with other reviewers that it is indeed dirty. Well, it make sense since it's an erotica novel. It's not really for everyone. Although I have to admit that I almost stopped reading this one because the first part is kinda slow and shallow for me...although yes, the whole story isn't really that intense...except for the sex act and it's like it is in every page...hahaha...What? I am contradicting that way. Hahaha. And Christian Grey isn't really my type of guy because I am kinda biased with overly possessive, control freak, stalkerish guys...and I will never actually have that in real life so why bother saying my type of guy? Hahaha. But, I have enjoyed the exchange of emails between them...and sort of liked the ending. It's way beyond my usual reads, although I can't really say that I have thoroughly enjoyed it, but there are parts that I have liked...so, I guess it's an okay? Hahaha. My reviews are getting crapper and crapper each time I make one (and I don't even know if there's such thing as 'crapper'...well, aside for someone who craps anytime and anywhere. I know, you can shoot me if you want. Hahaha.) well, pardon me if this isn't stimulating enough. Hahaha.