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Effortless (Thoughtless, #2) - S.C. Stephens When your love sprouted through betrayal, how would you trust that loved one that they will never do it to you also? That it will never again happen? That they will remain faithful and loyal even there are a lot of temptations for you, even for them, to be strayed away? That despite all the struggles, they will keep their promise to, ehem, ugh, love you forever? Will you still trust them inspite of all those things?

Kellan and Kiera, now officially together, who found love through the affair that not only broke Denny, Kiera's then boyfriend and Kellan's best bud in High School, but also the two of them that made them live in guilt to what they've done to that good man and the trust that should be fundamental in every relationship seems fragile in their's. It's been a year since the affair happened, and there sure are a lot changes, and Kellan, the local rock star in Seattle is slowly making it big in the music scene...and here's the catch: they were invited to be on tour with some hotshot rock band, along with up and coming bands for six months. Considering to what happened to Kiera and Kellan when Denny left...and to those who read thoughtless, you do know what I am talking about, eh? Kiera and Kellan's love and their fragile trust will be tested...will they really make it until the end?

Compared to the first one, I might say that the sequel has less drama, less intense, my eyes sure are dry and at least I didn't feel that frustrated and uncomfortable while reading this...although I still find the heroine, Kiera a selfish bitch, yep, I just said that, BITCH...and selfish, and Kellan, well, fine, he's a godlike rock star and a little clingy...but a sure romantic guy. *Sigh* What he did while he was away, AWWWWW. Really, AWWWWW. And then, there's Denny. I have mentioned this before, and I will say it again--my heart felt for Denny on the first book, I cried for him...and I'm very glad that he eventually moved on and found THE ONE. If only Miss Stephens will write Denny's perspective this time, I will gladly read it. Seriously, I will...but the twist and turns of the story, although some part seems shallow and made predictable, but for me, it's heartwarming...or should've been more heartwarming if the meeting of Kellan and...oh crap, I will not say anything. But...since I've missed that intense drama and I'm being masochistic (HOLY ASDFGHJKL!! not the kinky thing...okay?) these days because I do want to have a good cry over a story that will never happen to me...so, it's a 4 for me. Seriously though, I do hope that there will be a Denny perspective story that Miss Stephens will write in the future.:))