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Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1) - S.C. Stephens ...and then the love-hate thing within me while reading this happened. And why can't goodreads have the half-stars blah-blah already? PLLEEEEAAAASSSSEE.

Denny and Kiera have been together for two years, but then there's Denny's internship to another city, so, he have to move and Kiera, an upcoming Junior in College, tagged along with him and transferred schools just to be with him. They stayed with Denny's High School best friend, Kellan, a local rock star and a ridiculously good looking, god-like human (the heroine's description, not mine. HAHA.). Although there was a weird connection the first time they've met, they established a somewhat friendship in a weird way...or, maybe, a cordial roommate is more appropriate? when Denny was sent for two months for a some-kind-of-like convention for his job and Kiera was left alone with Kellan. She might miss Denny terribly but Kellan was there to have that kind of comfort to decrease the sadness of Kiera and Denny being apart. But then, the frequent phone calls at the start with Denny became less and less, and she spends her time more with Kellan but still misses Denny terribly and her loneliness grew each day...until Denny called that he was offered a hot-shot-advertising-job, his dream job, and he will be away for two years. Kiera overreacted and broke up with him on the phone. With all those pent up frustrations Kiera felt, and she needs to forget what happened and Kellan was there to lean on...and on a drunken state something happened between them...Just when Kiera thought that it was over between Denny and her, Denny came home and gave up his dream job for her...and then the affair, begins. I'm a crappy story teller. I know. HAHAHA.

I don't even know on how I will rate this, because: one, I hate cheating (well...except for quizzes. HAHAHA.)and this...well,they found love in a thoughtless place Haha, two, my heart always feels for the one who was cheated (DENNNNYYY!! :'(), three, I wanted to smack the heroine, Kiera's face of her decisions which left hurting, not only the two wonderful guys--Kellan, especially the good guy Denny--but also her, four, I'm kinda partial with Kellan's action for messing with Kiera...even, yes, their feelings are so strong, and yes, what Kellan felt was love, and eventually them, being together is an inevitable event, but...he betrayed his best friend, the closest thing he got for a brother, Denny...and yes, it takes two to tango, and Kiera was also responsible for what happened (that's why the smacking the face of Kiera crossed my mind, if she was in front of me), but...at least, couldn't they come clean and spare Denny that epic hurt? Seriously, after all he gave up for Kiera, he really deserves better. But then, hey, it's fiction. And the drama made me read this one...and it's what the story comprises. My thoughts are twisted right now, I'm hungry, so, in a way, I am thoughtless. HAR. And that didn't made any sense.

This story made me uncomfortable, as what I have mentioned--I hate cheating. I have never been cheated on and I have never cheated (well, except for quizzes. HAHAHAHAHA. And I've never been in a relationship for that matter.) but, I have friends...and a very-dear-to-me someone who have been cheated on and my blood boils to that person who cheated...although I never lashed out on them, hey, it's their relationship anyway, not mine. I admit I have sobbed, but mostly, those tears are for Denny. Yes, he lashed out on Kellan and even if it's not his intention, Kiera (she blocked the attack, not Denny's fault)...I understand him perfectly, although, yes, it was violent (and I'm a very tame, peace-loving person), but...ugh, he gave up a lot of things for Kiera, and then he also felt guilt to what happened...I might even do that one, well, maybe not really the physical stuff, I'm not that strong for that one. But, although I'm a little partial with Kiera and Kellan...they were hurting too. So, I guess, there were some tears that were shed for them...but mostly, as what I've said, my tears streamed down for Denny. It's just that, they've hurt an innocent, good guy for their love...they found love in a complicated and twisted betrayal, to think that relationships should be established on trust. Ugh, I. CAN'T. EVEN. My thoughts are still clattered and I don't even know if this made any sense. Still, I will read the next one...and can Denny have a happy ending? I wish S.C. Stephens will write that one. My thoughts with this story will calm down if he did have an epic story...he deserves it. Haha. It's a 4.5 stars for me. :)