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Significance (Significance, #1) - Shelly Crane Books which are in my 'currently reading' list are cursed--I have the tendency of not finishing it STAT and put it on hold. And, this book might be one of the few exceptions that I have finished, though not in my usually straight, ugh, something hours...but I guess fast enough, given my busy schedule and all that crap. And why the heck I'm explaining that, eh?

Okay, now, for the review. It's a 3 stars for me. Don't get me wrong, YA lit and Romance is my usual reads, but holy ASDFGHJKL, the romance is too sappy! I. CAN'T. SORRY. I. CAN'T. Though there are moments, especially on the first few parts that made me sigh...but come on! Goodness. I can't bear their too sweet, oh, I love you, Caleb! I love you, too, Maggie! convo, repeat to the nth time. Well, though the 'Three words, eight letters, say it, I'm yours' wasn't really exchanged verbally a lot of times, what I really mean is their actions and all that crap. Someone's trying to read here! I've actually thought of rating it a 2.5, but then the secondary characters came--I like Bish and Jen (My top reason why I'm planning on reading the second one--C'mon Bish, shake yer hands! Betcha by golly why, who knows...), as well as Big John! Too bad, Maggie have to resign. I actually liked Kyle first, y'know, I always have a soft spot with unrequited feelings and ya-di-da's, but psssh, too clingy! So, I've decided to make it a three. And oh, one of the reasons I have almost rated it as a 2.5: The plot's cheesiness and giddiness...and some names and terms included reminded me of something.Jacob...son, Bella the dog,(HAHAHAHA) imprinting... You know what I mean if you have actually read the story, and the story that it reminded me of. And there are some typos and grammatical errors. I'm not really a grammar nazi, but, eh, there are a lots of errors, I don't know if the ebook edition that I have is something.I might be punk'd! I might get to see Ashton! HAHAHAHA. You can shoot me if you want. HAHAHAHA. I'm being lame. :))

Though, yes, I have lots of rolling eyeballs and stuff while reading this, I am planning of reading the next books. I so want to know what will happen with Bish and Jen. HAHA. :)