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The Boy Next Door - Meg Cabot It's 4:00 o'clock in the morning...the conversations go boring Naaah. My eyes are kinda droopy now, not that I have ptosis or something--my eyes are kinda tired now but my brain wants me to write a review even I know my thoughts are a little messed up, considering my body is a silently shouting: Sleep now! You bloody, abusive, self-centered.... but my brain says, LOL. NO...and I'm here now, typing my so-called review when I should have been sleeping by now and get back to this once I'm all sober and coherent enough to construct a sentence.

I just finished this moments ago--and I admit I actually liked it! Honestly, this was my first Meg Cabot novel that I've read (though I am very much aware that she wrote the Princess Diaries series that I've been meaning to read when I was still in High School--and now that I'm almost in one year Sabbath since I have graduated from College, I am planning on reading it one of these days) so I don't have much idea how her writing style is--but oh boy, I liked how she cleverly and creatively presented this one: in e-mail form. Melissa Fuller (everyone calls her Meg) is a gossip columnist who've been wanting to write and deliver hard news to 'The New York Journal' but she never had the opportunity. One day, she was late to work, not that it was something new, but this time she had a reasonable excuse to be late: She saw her neighbor, Mrs. Friedlander, unconscious, lying face down on her apartment. Meg called 911 and Mrs. Friedlander was rushed in the hospital but unfortunately was in coma. Meg really liked her neighbor and was worried about Mrs. Friedlander's pets (1 dog and 2 cats) so for the first few days, she took care of it but then it became demanding and her work also suffers from it--she tried to contact Mrs. Friedlander's nephew, Max Friedlander, a high-caliber photographer who's also a pompous, cold-hearted son-of-a-bitch and he wants nothing to do with his Aunt, not now that he's on a vacation with one of the drooled-over supermodel, Vivica, and he doesn't want any interruptions--but then he remembered that his Aunt might leave him huge amount of money, since she was filthy rich and he was next to kin...and in order to have that amount still secured to be given to him, he asked a favor from his former College roommate, John Trent--the very wealthy and influential family, Park Avenue, Trent--to pretend to be him (Max Friedlander) for a couple of weeks until he decides to go home--a return favor from saving John's derriere into proposing a marriage to some redheaded show girl from Vegas when they were still in College in a drunken state. John reluctantly agrees, that was, pretty much a huge favor he owed from Max. Meg and John, who pretends to be Max meet, and who would've thought that they will find something from that twisted and complicated situation they had?

It was such a light, good read. This is actually the first time I've read a full e-mail format as a form of narration and I actually appreciate it. Some people might be a little partial with this kind of format, but I ain't even mad that I liked how it was presented, though, yes, while reading this, it felt like, hmmm, how can I explain this, I think a little impersonal, considering in my mind it's an electronic mail...and you know what they say about this kind of communication, eh? But as what I've said earlier, I liked it. I have laugh-out-loud moments while I was reading this and the twist and turns--OOOH, I haven't expected that one! Meg's best friend, co-workers, parents and even John's family are hilarious! And yes, I was annoyed with Max and he deserves that kind of ending. I have enjoyed reading this...and more Meg Cabot coming through! :)