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Getting Over Garrett Delaney - Abby McDonald From the very first time Sadie laid her eyes with Garrett, she knew he was the one. Him being the new boy in town, her being the awkward fourteen year old girl with no experience with guys at all, they struck a conversation and BAM--the connection is made, they became friends, best friends.

Now seventeen, after two years of friendship, all Sadie wanted was to be more than that...but she never did anything to voice out her inner feelings to the oblivious Garrett but to be around him: she is his literature partner, they both appreciate the 80's British indie music--all the things Garrett likes, she likes it too, all the things he hates, she hates it too. Although being 'friendzoned' isn't really her intention, she knew that all will change, once the summer literary camp that they will both attend is over, she and Garrett will become a couple. She already pictured the romance between her and her adorable and gorgeous guy-best-friend-and-soon-to-be-boyfriend, Garrett. It will be epic. But due to unfair circumstances--her, being rejected in the summer camp (the camp requires High School seniors, she's an upcoming Junior once the school starts) and all the image of epic romance were drained down straight...and then there's the mixed signal Garrett emitted the night before the camp that she have been trying to decode; him, being accepted and away for six weeks; her, jobless and doesn't have anything to do in the summer and still decoding the signal and wondering what might have happened if there were no interruptions that night; him, telling how awesome the camp is and wishing she was there; her, finding a job in their favorite coffee shop and missing him terribly and what does wishing-she-was-there means, maybe he, too, feels the same way; him, being busy and phone calls, IM's, texts became seldom each day; her, a little struggling with waiting tables but loving him more each day, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Thinking maybe, he's also suffering with the distance; him, telling in the phone that HE FOUND THE ONE, his true love; her, elated and thinking that was the moment she have been waiting for, telling that she loves him, too; him, not hearing what she just have said and mentioning a name of a GIRL, a name that wasn't Sadie, the one he considered as the one, his TRUE LOVE--well, it just sucks, right? The unfairness of it all. That one mixed signal night, all her hopes are up...and with that just phone call, it felt like there was an energy shortage and everything went blackout and thought--she can't be pining and waiting for Garrett always to notice her because it will never happen. She never had her own identity because she's always seeking for his approval. Heck, she never even had a date the moment she met him because she's mooning over him while he's dating girls. She have to stop. And with that, the twelve-step program of getting over Garrett was born.

I actually love reading this--in some ways I found myself reminiscing. With all the unrequited love stuff going on, HEY, I'VE BEEN ON THIS SITUATION BEFORE! Well, not the falling-with-the-best-friend part, never had a guy best friend, but with the unrequited love, yes. I like Sadie with all her determination of moving on and being strong (although there were bumps along the way--hey, at least she made it through in the end), her newly improved friendship with her childhood best friend, Kayla, and newly found friendship with her coffee shop co-workers--LuAnn, Aiko, Josh and even the strict Dominique, and their support with helping Sadie with the Garrett detox. I found myself smiling and yes, even crying a little while reading this.

While I appreciate all the steps of moving on, I found myself not being satisfied with the ending. I have to admit that it was some sort of predictable--Garrett will tell Sadie that he loves her in the end, but she doesn't feel the same way anymore and she knew that he doesn't really feel that way. There'll be no Garrett-Sadie friendship anymore. And with the vague soon-to-be relationship with Josh. I. JUST. I liked him actually, but he should've had more exposure in the story, maybe I would've liked him more.

It's a 3.75 stars for me. :)