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Catching Jordan - Miranda Kenneally The story is so cute. Though I'm not a sports enthusiast...so I don't really have any idea with football terms and stuff, but I really liked it. :)

Jordan is a seventeen year old boyish high school senior who is--in a world of sports that is dominated by men, football--a female quarterback in their team. Her teammates respects and admire her skills. Her friends in the team--JJ, Carter and Henry (her BFF since they're kids) believes and supports her that when College came, she will go to her dream college somewhere in Alabama because she believes that it's the number one in the state in terms of football...well, I don't really know because I'm not from the U.S. and I don't really fancy sports, okay? HAHA. Jordan may be comfortable being surrounded with boys (a thing that I so want to have) but she finds it hard relating to girls her age, especially the cheerleaders. She never had a boyfriend (ditto, Jordan), though nervous that she will mess up her college admission, she so wanted to let the team win the finals for that school year...And then came Ty, a transfer student, who, like Jordan, was a quarterback back on his hometown...and things sort of changed when Ty joined the team.

While I sort of suffered with all the sports jargon in the story, I will always have a soft spot with BFF turned to lovers themes. I loved Henry although I admit that halfway I was annoyed to him, but from the moment his character was introduced, dancing like a ballerina while they were on a practice, I knew that I'm going to like him. He's funny, sweet and loyal and I hoped that he will end up with Jordan...but you just can't hate Ty and Henry has a problem with sorting out his priorities. HAHAHA. Damn. I'm not really in the mood writing...err...typing a review today...will get back to this...if I will remember...HAHA..XD