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The Fine Art of Truth or Dare - Melissa Jensen I'm contemplating on how I will rate this one, if I will rate it a 3 or a 4 or maybe it's a 3.5 stars. I actually liked the first part of the story...but with all the art history jargon (and I actually researched who the heck Edward Willing is, GOOGLE doesn't recognize him, well, except for that guy in Facebook who studied in the University of St. Andrews--you know what I mean if you, too, researched for that Mr. Artsy Willing guy and came across that facebook profile, I thought it was a fan page or something. Damn, Sheila, THAT'S WHY IT'S CALLED FICTION! but seriously though, if ever he really existed, I want to apologize. AND BLAME GOOGLE FOR NOT SHOWING THAT INFORMATION. HAHAHAHAHA.) and there's a little language barrier for me--I don't know a thing or two in French and Italian. (I mean yeah, Hello Google Translate, but even Mr. Translate haven't translated it well, I guess Google has its limits as well. HAHAHA.) So. Yeah.

I liked the first part--I was actually thinking if I might even rate this as a 5 but reserved my judgment because seriously, and I have mentioned it, I really liked the first part--Ella's loud and big family, quirky-truth-or-dare kind of friends (Frankie and Sadie) that she have and her imaginary conversations with her favorite artist that she fell in love with, freshman year, who's already dead and his image in Ella's head while talking to him is in his bronzed statue glory with no arms and a hole in his chest. I kinda related to it--with all being invisible and insecurities, blah-blah, and then I got a little lost in the middle part. Although yeah, it pinched my heart when Frankie dared Ella to recite 5 unrequited love songs while standing next to a mannequin in a department store. I was like, DAMN. THAT PART. But, ARRRRRGH. As much as I liked Ella and related to her insecurities (because I have tons of them, too) but damn, the plot lost its appeal to me, and then came the end and it made me, UUUUGGGGHHHH!!...I so wanted to read the part where tables were turned and the mean girls--HANNANDAS: Hannah, Anna and Amanda will swallow their own bitter medicine, then I want to read more about Daniel, Frankie's twin and actually shipped him with Sadie while reading the part where they sang a duet. Oh. MY. CUTE!! But yeah, one step at a time, I guess that's what the author wants to imply, baby steps, ya-da-di-da. Fine. But...I'm not satisfied on how it ended. There, I said it. Great start, a little bleh ending. I've read some reviews that it's like a crossover of Anna and the french kiss and Pretty in Pink(movie) but...I realized I actually didn't recognized their similarities while reading it...HAHAHAHA. I loved, loved, loved Anna and the french kiss (HELLO ETIENNE ST. CLAIR!) and I'm not even ashamed that I cried while watching Pretty in Pink but this...just don't get your expectations a little high for this. :)