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Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma WHAT. THE. HECK. DID. I. JUST. READ? Seriously though, WHAT??? Why can't two people who love each other can't be together? Why can't they be happy and be in love? WHHHHYY? But then again, their relationship is controversial, considered morally wrong, socially unacceptable and against the law, why? THEY'RE BROTHERS AND SISTERS. INCEST. A taboo. So how can it work out? If you're the LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER type, this will be hard for you...because I will tell you now, there will be no HEA in this one.

This is one of the frustrating and depressing stories that I have read--I knew at the end of the day their relationship will not work, that they will be busted and be torn apart, that it's destined to be doomed and the rest of their lives will be miserable. I didn't cry, but I was frowning the whole time and my heart feels for them but my mind says that yes, their love is right but at the same time, wrong. I actually have paused reading when they were busted because I can't bear the tension, betrayal, unfairness of their situation...but then my curiosity got me so I finished it. HAHA. A small part of me wants to believe that their plans will work. Years from now, when they're adults already and their younger siblings can manage on their own, Lochan and Maya will be free, they can live and love just like a normal couples do...they can run away. But then...it's been doomed from the start. I'm actually holding on to that thought that they're not really siblings, just like that korean drama, Endless Love...HAHAHA. Although the sickness part is not included. HAHA. DO THE DNA TEST! DEMMET! THEY'RE NOT REALLY BROTHERS AND SISTERS!! THEY'RE NOT!! Because I really do want to let their relationship to work out, even I know that it's somewhat wrong...and if ever I've seen a situation like that, first hand, I don't really know what I will react. I guess this novel wants you to be open minded about things that are wrong but feels so right. Things that can happen but are not normal in the society. It's hard writing a review for this because I'm having an ethical crisis. Their love is wrong...but if they're in love, why don't let them be? Forget the bible, forget the society, forget morals and ethics...if two people are in love, they should pursue it...but then, you can't just ignore those. The story is beautifully written, yes, I can feel their pain especially Lochan's. It's just so sad that it have to end that way. The unfairness of it all, how in some way they are abandoned and Lochan and Maya became the surrogate parents...and due to their, ugh, unusual situation, they fell in love. I hate their Mom, partially Kit (I knew he will be the one who will rat out) adored Tiffin and Wila, admire Maya, loved, respected and at the same time pitied Lochan. I. CAN'T. IT'S SO UNFAIR. :(

After reading this book, it left me sad, uncomfortable, bothered and I so want to read a feel good story after this...it's a 4.5 stars for me.