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Her Secret Fling (Harlequin Blaze, #517) - Sarah Mayberry Poppy Birmingham was once a world renowned swimming champion but because of a shoulder injury that she suffered, she was forced to bid the world of swimming goodbye and retire--but then came an offer to write in the sports section in a newspaper and she grabbed it. She might not have a journalism degree let alone her education status as a high school graduate but this made her determined and do the job with effort (she's attending a night class for journalism) and majority of her new colleagues was supportive and very helpful with her settling in the business but not with one person--there will always be someone who will belittle you and is not happy with having a colleague who never have made an article once in her life--and that will be on the likes of Jack Steven, Poppy's favorite author who also works in the sports section.

The heroine in the story is actually one of my favorite characters that Sarah Mayberry made. She works hard and stands for herself with Jack's snide and unfair remarks with smart-alec comebacks that I will never think of if I was in her position, sure, maybe moments later when I'm staring at the ceiling at night, thinking of things that I should've said. HAHAHAHAHA. I actually don't like Jack Steven first because he's such a douchebag, good thing Poppy knows how to handle him (though at their first encounter, she can't and my heart feels for her) and I was actually cheering her on, You go Poppy girl! Show that twat who he's dealing with! but then, sexual tension is between them. So. Yeah. You might know exactly what happened to them and BAM.

The HEA realization is what I'm not satisfied with. Call me a drama queen, but I so like to have heavy drama before they kiss and make up. HAHAHA. It's a 3.7 stars for me. :)