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The Future of Us - Jay Asher, Carolyn Mackler I enjoyed Jay Asher's Thirteen Reasons Why and Carolyn Mackler's Tangled, so, when I've seen (actually, here in Goodreads) that they have a book collaboration, I was pretty much ecstatic and when I've seen its synopsis, I was thrilled and thought that it's an interesting story.

I'm a sort of a 90's kid, so when I've read the first few pages of the novel, it felt like I'm on a trip down memory lane, though my memory in the 90s, especially in 95-96 is kinda fuzzy--Hey, I'm just 3-4 then (don't expect me to remember 93-94, trust me, I don't.) but yeah, it kinda felt that way.

Emma and Josh are best friends but they kinda grew apart because of an event that happened six months prior to the story. Boy buddy have assumed something, girl buddy don't want to ruin their friendship because he is what he is but girl buddy shown mixed signals, boy buddy have read the wrong sign and attempted to do something about it, girl buddy was shocked she rejected boy buddy, so boy buddy tried to avoid girl buddy (self preservation thing) because he was so hurt, and it's kinda awkward to pretend nothing happened, so, they gave themselves some space, though the nod of recognition is present, they're not really on a speaking term, so, yeah. Six months after, Josh's family received an AOL-CD, his mom suggested him to lend the CD-ROM to Emma because she got a new computer. Emma installed it, made an e-mail and to her surprise a bright light flashes across her screen, a small white box with a blue border pops up, asking her to re-enter her new email and password. The white box snaps into a tiny blue dot and a new webpage fades in. It has a blue banner running across the top that says “Facebook.” At first, they thought it was a prank, but later they realized it's something from the internet in the future. They've seen what will be their future lives like according to their facebook profiles and Josh, though suspicious at first, was happy on what he will be on the future--Graphic artist, had three kids and married to the hottest and popular girl in their High School; and Emma? Bleh. Not so much--Unemployed, have a crappy marriage, she's not really that happy on what might happen to her in the future. So what did she do? She realized that she can change her future if she do something in the present. This reminds me of Back to the future(the second one) but instead of going to the that year, they're online. Ripples, as what they call, occur when something happens in present and it changes their future--the space-time continuum (HAH! Back to the future reference! HAHAHA.) was disturbed so eventually their futures was altered from what they've seen first to something new, and they will see the changes to the future online social networking site.

While the idea of the story is interesting, I wasn't that satisfied on how it was presented. It was intriguing, yes, but, it should've been better if it's deeper. The story should've made more potential if they thought of saving the world. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It mainly tackles on teenage relationships, sex, school, blah-blah, ya-di-da and their worries who will be their future spouses are--Emma was married to two different guys after she changes the present and got rid of the first one in the future (she don't want the first one because he's a cheat and their marriage was a crap, the second one was eliminated after finding out that she was not happy on her current work when they moved on another country and the third one, they were on the verge of divorce)Josh was worried if he will stay married to Sydney...and later realized that they should contemplate on what's on the present, so in the end, the best buds hook up and Tada, the end. If I have access to a future something right now online, I'll search if there's a cure for terminal diseases, steal the instructions on how it's done (if it's available online) or I can be a famous future forecaster and because of the accuracy that I deliver, I will be a greedy, filthy rich SOB that I am. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Kidding. Joke. I'm a girl, so I'm a daughter, and my mom is not a female dog...so, I apologize. HAHA. :))

It's still an interesting read though and Taylor Swift's 'The Story of Us' is playing on my mind, but instead of 'Story' it's 'future'...and the future of us looks a lot like a tragedy now. THE END. HAHAHAHAHA. Lame, Lame, I know. XD:)