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The Son of Neptune  - Rick Riordan I'm on page 326 of 513 of The Son of Neptune: Oh my gods, ok, I'm stuck at that page (Hazel's perspective, chapter 31)& sue me if I don't want to continue it any time soon. I'm distracted with other books & I don't know why the urge of finishing it in one sitting is not lurking in the corner? Sophomore slump? Just like the sea of monsters? I haven't read the throne of fire yet so I don't really know if Riordan has a thing with second year blues. Sorry if harsh. — Oct 14, 2011 10:38pm

FINALLY!!! After three months hiatus, finally I finished it, and now? I SERIOUSLY WANT TO STRANGLE MR. RICK RIORDAN FOR THAT EFFIN' CLIFFHANGER. But on a second thought, Naaaah, I changed my mind, how can the next one will come out if I did that? This is the thing with ongoing series, you have to wait until the next one comes. I guess, the good thing about my three month break, at least, I only have to wait for nine months (just like being pregnant--not that I have first hand experience about it. HAHA. And why the heck I mentioned it? Damn.) compare to the twelve months that I have to wait if I read it right away.

Now, now. To be honest, I wasn't that thrilled that much, especially on the middle part of the story--that's the reason why I stopped halfway--until I came at the end. Why I've decided to finish it now? I missed Percy and the gang, and I'm kinda burned out with reading romance stuff for night, after night, after night...back to back to back. HAHAHA. I needed some fresh air and I have to go back from the novels that I have halted (although I'm still reading some of Sarah Mayberry's works--hey, you can't blame me from reading those, can you? HAHA.) And the cliffhanger ending is TOO MUCH. And, damn...I would really like to know what will happen to Hazel if she saw face to face her almost boyfriend Sammy lookalike, Leo, who's also part of the seven half-bloods, son of Hephaestus AND MY FAVORITE CHARACTER OF THE SERIES? I wonder what's his connection with Sammy? Is he his grandfather, distant relative, reincarnation or something? But I'm sure, Hazel will be confused but Frank is his OTP. HAHA. But, what will happen to Frank? Will Leo spice things up? HAHAHAHA. Oh man, I can't imagine what will it be, I think I will crank up with their banters once the third book will be out. And, ugh, is Annabeth officially part of the seven too? I was actually not sure at first if Percy is really part of the seven demigods, since he already had his series (I mean, too much exposure, right?) but, he's really part of it...and I'm slightly sure, the next one will be Annabeth's POV. But, I kinda hoped Nico is one of the seven, but I guess not...since there's a pluto/hades kid already on board. Damn. Damn. If Annabeth is part of the seven, then kids of Jupiter/Zeus, Neptune/Poseidon, Pluto/Hades, Mars/Ares, Vulcan/Hephaestus, Venus/Aphrodite and Minerva/Athena are the chosen ones? Hahaha...Here I thought Apollo's kids will be part of it. I want to read them in action, not the self-centered, showy kids that Riordan described in his novels.

If I'll compare this from the first one, The Lost Hero probably in September or October. Accio September/October 2012! well, as if I can do something about it. As if I can make that happen. HAH. :)