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Ang mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan - Bob Ong It's 2:36 in the morning, I picked this up around 12 am (since I'm kinda burned out with reading Romance stuff, I can never have that, can I?) and finished it about half an hour ago...and now, I'm kinda perturb, and I can't sleep.

I bought this a year ago and I never bothered to read it since I've read some reviews that it wasn't that good and it looked like Bob Ong was trying to venture on the horror genre but failed, and to be honest, I'm not really a fan of horror books (even movies), so, yeah, not really my cup of tea. I've read Bob Ong's books since I was in High School and seriously liked his story, and how his characters narrates or his own POV, but Ang Mga Kaibigan ni Mama Susan kinda failed to do so. But I admit, I liked the first few pages actually, Galo's quirky and funny journal entry's that I can somewhat relate to (I still keep a journal kept under my bed, just in case when the mood strikes and I want to vent out my feelings through it--TOO MUCH INFORMATION, YEAH.) but I wasn't really expecting the end. I'm kinda disturbed and the funny thing was (or I think, Scary), I have second thoughts of going to the bathroom right after I finished it. I don't even want to look at the Sto. Nino on the hallway. MADAPAKAH. HAHAHA.

This was way more different than Bob Ong's usual stuff...and I'm sorry, even in some ways, it felt like a betrayal, but, I didn't 'dig' it. But, I still like Bob Ong as a writer though, but, this story is what I didn't. But, I will still read his future works though. :)