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Her Best Friend - Sarah Mayberry Don't judge the book by its cover.
This may have a embarrassing book cover, I was kinda reluctant to read this first, but I want to read something...ugh...sweet, and you may not even want to read it if you're the type who reads an unknown book if it have a good cover, but hey, like in real life, what counts is what's on the inside, right? Though, yeah, admit it, physical appearance do count at first, but...I DON'T REALLY HAVE TO EXPLAIN THIS. QUIT BABBLING, SHEILA.

I always have a thing with one-sided, unrequited romances (this, I have a first hand knowledge about, DANG.) and I feel what the heroine feels, though I don't really have a guy best friend I fell in love with, but geez, who would want to be trapped into that situation where you're helplessly in love with someone for a long time (or in this case, your best friend for about sixteen years) and he doesn't even know about what you feel and in his head, you will always be in the 'friend' category, nothing more and nothing less, though there was a point in time where the two of you were in the same page but never actually said anything about it, until came the third musketeer and they hook up and you're there watching in the side lines, pretending to be happy for the both of them? That sucks, big time. Years passed, though Amy was still the outside-looking-in gal, her best male best friend, Quinn, and best female best friend, Lisa, got married, and she was the 'best person' on their wedding and cried her self to sleep the night after their marriage, of course, what's the next step? Though she still have that strong feeling for her best bud, she wanted to move on. So, she cut him off in her life slowly until that day came when it's inevitable for the two of them not to reconnect...and she learned that his marriage was on the verge of divorce because the other one betrayed him. The tension is evident between them and all the efforts of her moving on was wasted and she remembered why she feel that way towards him at first place.

What I liked about the story, it isn't like she-loves-me-for-a-long-time-I-should've-picked-her-first, Quinn never regretted choosing Lisa and not knowing what Amy feels about him. Though Quinn was afraid to take a leap of faith and test the waters to jump off with a relationship with Amy because it might ruin the established friendship that they have if it didn't worked, just like what happen to his marriage with Lisa, but later he realized, why not?, he can't bear the thought of pretending not to see Amy's feelings (while she's trying too hard to hide it. GEEZ. I can really identify with her, seriously) and hurting her at the same time in the future, so, eventually, he gave in.

It's was a short, good read book. I want to read more of Sarah Mayberry works in the future. :)