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The Next Best Thing - Kristan Higgins This is one of those novels wherein I'm seriously pissed off to the protagonist, well, aside of course from Bella Swan, and this was the first novel that I've read from Ms. Higgins. Sure, Lucy may be in grief and people do have different coping mechanisms, but why does it have to hurt someone? Yeah, pain is always present when loving someone (duh, as if I have first hand experience about this) but seriously? I really wanted to smack the heroine's head if she was in front of me, especially right on the middle of the book where Ethan wanted their relationship to jump on to the next level, from friends-with-benefits to the real thing but she's being indecisive and having a major crush to her late-husband-look-a-like-customer. Come on, for some reasons, is she blind? Ethan deserves better than waiting for Lucy, even when Lucy realized in the end that she, too, loves Ethan. Good for Ethan though, at least the love of his life have that light-bulb moment and finally noticed him differently...but I still think he deserves more.

Why 4 stars, eh? Well, I shamelessly enjoyed the story though I cringed when Ethan was rejected a lot of times...but heck, at least it had a happy ending. If not for Ethan, I think, I wouldn't even bother to finish this...and I think it would be better if it has two POV's--Lucy's and Ethan's. :)