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Notes from a Liar and Her Dog - Gennifer Choldenko Back in my Junior year in High School, it is expected (usually on the third periodical period, especially if you studied in a Public School like me) for the English teachers to let the students have their book report on the teacher-approved-books-selected-by-the-students. I remember I was having a hard time choosing what book I will read since at that time, I wasn't really a book enthusiast compare to what I am now. With the lack of resources (our School Library is kinda horrible), my Father don't really approve of me reading Fiction (that time, I begged him to buy me the first six books of Harry Potter and he never relented--it was only in my College days that he eventually gave in, and I have my sources then) so in short, I have no source of finances if I want to buy one. Then came my best friend's suggestion for me to read 'Notes from a Liar and Her Dog', and since I don't really have books to choose from, I decided to borrow it from her and when I presented it to our teacher, it was approved. Now, now, I know, this book was supposed to be for 8-12 years old kids, usually middle-schoolers (in the Philippines, it's in grade 4-6.) But hey, it was approved by my teacher, so, why would I complain?

This was one of the first few books I've read where bucket of tears was shed from my eyes. Seriously, I bawled my eyes out. In some ways, I have related to her, since I have a rocky relationship with my Father that time (but I'm not a notorious liar!) The notion of my-parents-aren't real-they-love-me-they're-not-my-real-parents-anyway-one-day-my-real-family-will-come-and-get-me? Seriously, this gashed up to the bones and I read it in one sitting and immediately wrote (before typing) my review. Good thing I have followed my best friend's suggestion. HAHA. And I never meant to be cheesy or something, okay? And instead of just passing the report to my teacher, I was forced to have an oral report of it (as a form of punishment--I was seen passing a note with my classmate during discussion. SO. YEAH. Bloody hell.) and boy, though at first, I have a serious case of butterflies in the stomach, I enjoyed telling the story to the class. I can't really remember all details of the story now since it's been six years since the first time I've read this. I want to re-read it though, but I don't have my own copy (and my best friend's copy was ruined because of the typhoon that happened two years ago, their house was flooded.)...so, I guess I have to...keep searching, just keep searching.