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Paradise - Judith McNaught This is one of those novel that is surprisingly long with plot that is very familiar and predictable, considering the story is an excellent formula for Pinoy Telenovelas. How do I know? I'm one of those kids that were kinda forced to watch what's on the television because their mother's are tuned-in to the big drama between people, in which the other is a pampered, rich heiress and the other is on the wrong side of the tracks who love each other and get married then the heroine's father used all his power to get between them, manipulating them to break up...ending with grudges with each other and swear to hate each other for the rest of their lives...and then years later they meet again, with that grudge with each other, drama will stir again, along with corporate things because the hero is a hot-shot business tycoon then they will realize that they're meant to be and should live happily ever after, of course, catastrophe will be there, along with villains but they will eventually give in, sent to jail or dead, then a baby will be there to end their story. HAHAHA. I love my mom, don't get me wrong, okay? It's just that, the story is ridiculously predictable because you have an idea what will happen and who's who behind the bad things (or even good) that's happening (THAT'S WHY IT'S CALLED PREDICTABLE, SHEILA!! SILLY YOU!) but you find your self, kinda shamelessly enjoying the story and thinking if it will be made in the television, you'll wonder if your mom will enjoy it and you'll be the one spoiling the fun by predicting what will happen while she's watching it and will eventually tell you to shut up or go somewhere else because you're interrupting her dose of prime time TV regimen. HAHAHA. I liked it...though it is predictable. I'm kinda wondering if this is one of the stories TV drama writers here in the Philippines in the 90's considered as a reference and twisted it to make it an original? Hmmm. HAHAHA. I'm not belittling them, okay? I'm just wondering. :))