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Divergent  - Veronica Roth this won goodreads' 'favorite book of 2011' and 'best young adult fantasy and science fiction' so I'm kinda intrigued. Hmmmm. I'll read this one after Piper Banks' Geek High Series. :))
I'm on the second chapter, and it's making a good impression on me...:))
I don't exactly call it a weird....ugh, feeling, but, I feel kinda euphoric after reading a good novel straight, for almost 9 hours because I can't really put it down not caring if it's already 8 o'clock in the morning and people in my house have their good night's sleep while I still haven't have mine and still awake. I actually love that feeling and this novel made me have that, though the euphoria had already worn out and, I don't know, now I feel kinda blank.

It's one of the promising novels for this year, I'm not wondering why it won 'favorite book of 2011' and 'best young adult fantasy and science fiction' here in goodreads because it's good...but I can't really point out what's really missing and why it hasn't met my 5 stars line. I can't help but compare it to THG series because they have the same genre. Don't get me wrong,I really actually liked it but for some reasons that I really can't explain, there's this nagging hollow maybe because I'm just sleep deprived and should not type this so called review, but I'm here now and I still have a little more to say.

While I completely admire authors who are not afraid of killing their characters, but, there are a lot of deaths and I wasn't really expecting that Tris' parents will be killed in the latter part of the novel, though I don't actually like her father, I was surprised that her mother was killed after knowing that she, too, was a divergent like Tris. I mean, she should've been a good character to explain what's really like to be a Divergent, not to be killed yet in the first novel...but I'm not the author, and that's her plot so I shouldn't complain. That's the thing with writers--they're like God, but the only difference is they have their deadlines. HAHAHA. And for a small fraction of the first part of the novel, I shipped Peter and Tris rather than Four and Tris until came that night where Peter, Drew and I didn't really expected this, Al attempts to hang her in Chasm and it should've been Peter who tastes Four's wrath rather than Drew...but I don't know, I still have hopes for Peter. HAHAHAHAHAHA. XD

I'm looking forward for the next one. HAH, this better be good. :))