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Revenge of the Geek - Piper Banks I read this after 'Summer of the Geek' so the events prior to the said novel are still fresh on me and lucky me, I haven't slept that much yet--I stayed up all night to finish this (I started reading it after midnight, I finished it when the sun was rising...I mean, it's not that unusual lately, BTW. HAHAHAHA)

Like the third one, I wasn't really satisfied on how it ended...and wondered if there'll be another 'Geek High' since Miranda is still a Junior and the ending is kinda vague--I don't really know if it is the author's subtle way of saying that it will have a sequel...or if not, it sure is lame to end it that way. HAHAHAHA. There were a few errors also, name changing and all that stuff (I still don't know if what I've read is the legit or the raw one) I'm really not satisfied on how the Charlie-Finn-Love-Hate-Relationship progressed, I was kinda expecting it to be explosive (with fireworks and all that stuff, yeah. HAHAHA), once they've realized that it was worth the shot to choose romance over friendship and since I wasn't satisfied on the outcome, I really do wish that Piper Banks will make a Charlie/Finn POV because I find their story more intriguing than Miranda and Dex's--I would really love to read how Charle/Finn think, especially Finn, I love his sarcastic-morbid-smart-alec banters and on how he formulates a video game. HAHA. Though I pitied Miranda, especially when she felt like everything was taken away from her by Nora, but I wasn't really at all pissed off with Nora. I sort of feel sorry for her because she was the outsider, trying to fit in but her plans to fit in is not effective...but I wondered what Nora's specialty is, it seems like she's an ordinary kid, knowing that their school is for the gifted and uber-ly genius kids, it wasn't mentioned in the book: Miranda is a Math whiz and an aspiring writer, Charlie is a brilliant artist, Finn is a mad video game ugh maker, Tech Nerd and really good at Physics without really trying (I really wished I have this kind of Skill--to be good at something without really trying, sure, there's eating without really trying, but what I mean is academically. HAHAHA.) But still, I still found it cute, but I loved the first two novels than the next two. :)