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Summer of the Geek - Piper Banks after 2 months of hiatus, I'm reading this again...and reminded me how adorkable Miranda is, how sweet Dex is and how frustrated I am with Charlie and Finn because they're still not together!! Demmet. We'll see if they will realize how perfect they are together in the end of the novel...or maybe it will be on the next one? GAAAAAAAAH.

I have read it....and it kinda lost its charm on me. Sure, it was cute and there are parts in the novel my heart was kinda pinched when Miranda thought that Dex is breaking up with her (and vice versa) but it wasn't that....ugh....well, I have related more with the first book, 'Geek High' and I remember I somewhat rooted the english dude, Henry in the second book, 'Geek goes abroad'...there were a few errors in this book, I don't really know if the version that I've got (it's an ebook) is the real and legit published one or the somewhat raw and still-to-be-edited version. But it was cute...though I sure am not contented on how it ended--especially with Charlie and Finn. ARRRRGH. It's a short novel so it was a fast read. HAHAHA. :)