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Shadows - Jennifer L. Armentrout It's been awhile since the last time I rated a book, five stars, back to back to back, and I love the feeling of it...it made me want to read more...and there's no such thing as reading too much, eh?

Okay. After reading Obsidian, since I was so captivated by it (and I'm planning to re-read it, in which, I rarely do) I was pretty much excited reading this one and I'm glad I did. (EH?) Goodness, now I know why Daemon is so grouchy towards Katy. With all the bittersweet events that happened to Dawson and Bethany, I know why Daemon is very wary and careful around Katy, but I'm still holding on to that thought that Dawson and Bethany are really not gone...just hidden somewhere. Please, just, I hope they're not really dead. But, yeah...I loved Dawson--he is the complete opposite of Daemon, he's like the life of the party, easy going guy whereas the other twin is the not actually a wallflower, more like the standoffish, reserved mysterious guy; and I loved Bethany--the artsy, bubbly gal that mesmerized Dawson from the moment their eyes met. I want to see more of them in the next novel, I don't want their relationship to end there...it's too tragic. But then again, if they're really gone, guess I have to swallow that bitter fact...BUT I'M STILL HOPING THEY'RE NOT! ARRRRRRGHHHH!!

God, for the love of human babies everywhere, I can't even construct a coherent review for this! But I really loved it! I really do! I'm so excited for the next one! But for the mean time, more YA sci-fi lit coming through! And stalk miss Jennifer L. Armentrout's blogspot and read some excerpts there. :))