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Tear - Rachel Van Dyken This is one of those books that has a promising beginning but BLEH ending. I liked the first few parts of the story, I mean, who wouldn't like to be trapped in that kind of situation where TWO uber-hot-rock-stars are fighting over you...but the catch is, they're siblings. Imagine that kind of drama. (Although, honestly, I'm more fine with being fought over with two hot guys, but I will prefer if they're not siblings. HEH. As if that will HAPPEN to me in real life. DREAM ON, SHEILA. It will always be just your IMAGINATION, running away with you. HAH.) but then came the Twilight preference and the two boys and one girl (NOPE. STOP THINKING ABOUT blank "SOMES", okay?) became overtly annoying for me...so, I'm like, forget YOUUUUUU! Yep, I'm thinking this will one of those stories that I will eventually forget...I'm actually kinda doing it now. I can't remember the details anymore.

2.5 stars.