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The Secret of Ella and Micha - Jessica Sorensen 3 stars.

Okay. I never really got why it was entitled 'the secret of Ella and Micha' until I reached the end of the story. I was like...Oooh. That was it. Aaaah. Okay.Now what? Am I being slow these days or what?

The story was just a fine read for me--a broken girl who went away and wants to start over from her old life and made a new but fake version of herself went to her hometown for the summer where her bestfriend--who have been pining over her since they were sixteen and searching for her for the last eight months since she went away without any word--was left hanging and they meet again with that kind of angst, awkwardness, tension and longingness between them because of an incident that happened eight months prior to the present. Now, little did the girl know, many things have changed within those months they were separated and what the boy bestfriend was going through--and that, ladies and gentlemen, are their secrets.

While, yes, there are a little heart pinching moments in the story, this might be so used lately--I haven't really connected with the characters in the story. Their story was indeed sad but then I, as a reader, weren't really that, um, swayed by the emotions it tries to, ugh, send. Heh. Although I haven't really connected with them...I will read the next book, maybe not right away, (I know it's out already. Good job.) but, umm, soon. :)