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Invisible - Mhia Leigh

<b>2</b> stars.


This was one of those books under my don't judge the book by its blurb list.


"Being invisible was something Gemma Cameron was used to in her life. It didn’t help that she was shy or average and that she always seemed to be in her own little world. She didn't have a social life, which meant she didn't get any dates. But when she finally wanted to be noticed by a guy, he prefers her crazy roommate and leaves on a date.... a date that was meant for her. Although the relationship didn’t last long, it still hurt her to be the cast over. A year later, minus the crazy roommate, Noah stayed around and she got stuck in the ‘friend zone’. Falling in love with a guy who only saw her as a friend, she knew it was time to move on. Except she didn't realize that he wanted her more than a friend........

Noah Alexander knew he made a mistake when he dated the crazy ex-roommate. Realizing that the sweet and shy Gemma was the one he wanted, he stayed around to be close to her. But when he found out that she was dating, he knew it was time to make his move before someone else did. Now it’s just the matter of convincing her........a lot of convincing."


I got hooked by the blurb although I have a feeling what I might eventually get in the end...still, I might enjoy the ride while reading it.


But, I was wrong.


Gaaaah. I'm so freakin' disappointed for making my hopes a little high, here I thought I'll read something that I can finally relate to, but then, tssk. NOPE..but, they had their moments that I liked, well, little moments that I liked. But, Cliche was the main dish. Annoying on the side. Mary Sue and Gary Stu as the appetizer. And apparently, I am hungry so I might as well eat some nourishment now and my stomach is having some kind of bowling game...well, <i>not that kind</i> of bowling game...I'm just hungry.